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At Grandtag Group, we are always interested in finding out more about our clients. In addition, we are keen to have clients learn more about our services and solutions.

As such while individual advisors will conduct periodic individual reviews with clients on their portfolios, we will also create various platforms for clients to meet our advisors and seek the information they need. For example, at seminars, current hot topics will be discussed so clients can easily follow the trend of the market. At booth promotions taken place at shopping centres across the city, clients can meet with some of our advisors and get an introduction of what Grandtag is about.

There are also more socializing events such as festival parties, a highlight of which is the appearance of Money God during Chinese New Year. Clients familiar with Chinese culture would know that this God is known to give out money, real money.

Kick-Off 2015

Partnering with BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

Fun Day

Mid-Autumn Prize Wheel Event

Grandtag Money God Event

Seminar Series