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Career Path

While training is provided throughout your career at Grandtag, the initial stage of working as an advisor trainee consists of an intense program with high demands. This includes the requirement to pass the life license qualification program, as well as the insurance license provincial exam, within a set time frame.

At the same time, trainees will be assigned a team leader – their mentor, who will guide them in different areas. Group training is also provided and serves as a platform where trainees can meet each other and establish a support group. Cross-team cooperation is too encouraged so as to give trainees a broader experience.

As trainees gain knowledge and experience, as well as demonstrate their abilities, they will be promoted to an advisor role.

Moving up to act as a team leader is a highlight for advisors at Grandtag. With new responsibilities and rewards, team leaders strive not only to further their businesses, but also to groom his or her members to become financial experts, whom success contributes directly to the leader’s compensation

The overall supervision of the advisors is conducted by the manager, who guides members in compliance and regulation matters, as well as sheds light on product and industrial knowledge. The manager is also responsible for the training program, and ensuring that attention is paid where due.

Here is some sharing from some of Grandtag’s advisors.

Carmen Ke, Branch Manager

When others ask me what my work is like at Grandtag Financial, I often tell them that I am a financial architect. Unlike architects in the construction industry, I communicate with my clients to understand their needs, so as to assist them in building their future through financial planning. I understand that their needs vary over different stages in life and I am pleased to know that I played a part in their life decisions. This sense of accomplishment in helping clients is found only at Grandtag Financial.  At the same time, I also feel well established in my own future and career at the company as I take on new responsibilities as Branch Manager of the Metrotown Branch.

 Sophia Li, Senior Advisor

“I started working for Grandtag after my master program in business management and I found it a very suitable place for me. It integrates my skills and passion – ability to deal with both people and numbers and helping others achieve their goals in life. I am keen to become a professional financial advisor who develops a long-term relationship with clients and I find that the company, especially my team leader, provides a lot of support in this regard.

As for the corporate culture, while all my colleagues here have a clear ambition, they are all happy and willing to share with me their experiences and insights towards both business and life, which serves as a great encouragement for me.

The unlimited potential earnings and rewards also motivate me to work hard in this industry as my previous research on other fields had shown less attractive compensation schemes. My team leader has set a great example for me and I am looking forward to reaching her level in the future.”