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Established in 2008, Grandtag Financial Canada Inc. is a leading one-stop-shop financial consultancy firm that caters to the various needs of its clients.  Staffed with experienced financial advisors, Grandtag is always taking the lead in providing innovative and suitable financial solutions to clients as we understand that each one of them is on a unique path in life.

While our clients come from different parts of society and they may be individuals or business owners, they share the following similar traits: wishing to protect their families, aiming to create more wealth and planning to retire in top-quality lifestyle.

Our clients also have a strong sense of responsibility, such as that for their children, employees, customers and community.  Therefore, parents may come to us for advice on planning for their children’s education, employers for employees’ health benefits, and professionals like accountants for their own clients’ financial planning.

In delivering comprehensive solutions, Grandtag establishes and values a long-term relation with each and every one of our clients, caring about the milestones as well as details of their lives.